Between ocean and sky

Graceful Ambiance in raw

Holidays in Comporta, Portugal

Summer home, Puglia


A seaside house in Corsica

Holiday house in Ré Island

Loft with terrace, Nice

Holidays in Ferret Cape

Holly Peterson, The Hamptons

Casa Lobo, Ibiza

Rob & Gina, South Africa

Misty Cliff

Veronique, Corsica

Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza

Elephant Corridor, Ibiza

Ultra contemporary architecture, South Africa

Beach house style in Ré Island

Wooden House, Knokke

House in Syros

HOLIDAY CABIN, RE ISLAND © Ariadna Bufi – Christophe Dugied


Santa Giulia, Corsica

Can Anita, Majorca

Palais Bulle, Théoule-sur-Mer

House in Cap d’Antibes

Holidays in Skopelos

Maison Bayadère, French Atlantic Coast

CONTEMPORARY BEACH HOUSE, PROVENCE © Nicolas Mathéus – Laurence Dougier

Casa Lobo

Charming house in Ré, Island

Lazarus, South Africa

Holiday house in Knokke

Seaside vision, Denmark

Holiday home in Saint-Malo © Stephen Clement

La Ferme du Vent

Holiday house, French Basque country

Horizons multiples, Ramatuelle

Blue Lagoon, South Africa


Sue and Steve, South Africa

Christophe, Corsica

Françoise, Comporta

Ingrid, Cap Ferret

ADRA, CAP FERRET© Stephen Clement

LANVIN, CORSICA © Nicolas Mathéus – Laurence Dougier

House in Guethary

CALVI, CORSICA © Nicolas Mathéus – Laurence Dougier

House in Cap Ferret

ANTIPAROS INLAND © Nicolas Mathéus – Laurence Dougier

Es Bec d’Aguila, Menorca

HORIZON, ANTIPAROS © Nicolas Mathéus – Laurence Dougier

ICARIA, SOUTH AFRICA © Nicolas Mathéus – Laurence Dougier

CHATTERBOX, BAHAMAS © Annie Schlechter – The Interior Archive

ALEXANDRE NIEMANN, COMPORTA © Nicolas Mathéus – Laurence Dougier

PAULINE, CORSICA © Nicolas Matheus – Laurence Dougier

TYLA, CAPE TOWN ©Nicolas Matheus – Laurence Dougier