Our selection of apartments, lofts, studio flats and townhouses in cities accross the world. Contact us to get a pdf or layout files.


Intimate chic, The Hague

Agnes Emery, Marrakech

Triplex, Paris

Small and beautiful, Paris

Tiziano Vudafieri, Milan

Marc Sadler, Milan

Rosita Missoni, Paris

Stefano Giovannoni, Milan

Elisabeth Leriche & Thomas Boog, Cape Town

Mc Farlane, Cape Town

Elegance in Rome

Batignolles, Paris

Martine Hansen, Brussels

Baixa House, Lisbon

Kim Verbist, Brussels

Isabelle, Brussels

Contemporary Apartment, Palm Beach

Popham Design, Marrakech

Caroline Notte, Brussels

Young flair for style, Stockholm

Nordic ambiance

Veronika, Paris suburb

A bachelor pad in Paris

The loft of Penelope, Nice

Eagle nest in Montmartre

Glamour white, New York

Artist studio, Marseille

Frederic Hooft, Ghent

Stefanie Marin, Nice

Woodblock house, London

Swedish eclectism

Design & Art Nouveau, Barcelona

Personality and raw texture, Germany

The photographer’s pad, Oslo

The architect’s pop-up home

Nani Marquina in Barcelona

Anne Claire, Lyon

Modern chalet near Lyon

La Charmille, France

Grand style, Paris

Small flat in Belleville

Paris elegance

Penthouse in Brussels

Modern extension in London

Pastel elegance, Paris

Shades of blue in the Marais

Morland, Paris

Country feeling & design in Paris

Jung, Loft in Brussels

Valie, Marseille

Kelly Hoppen, London

Hannah Gurney, London

Saint-Martin, Emilie Bonaventure

Schilde, Antwerp

Boulogne in pink

Nordic with a twist

Neumeister – Nordic Feel

Soft tones at Amelia

Petra pure and personal

Modern vintage in Copenhagen

Nina’s Swedish Harlem

Cool atmosphere at Nina

Industrial and Nordic ambiance

Fabrique, Stockholm

Malin Persson

Stylish dark tones

Urban colors

Sprinkle of glitter

Colors of fashion,

Graphic with feminine touch

Where Happiness abides

Nata Janberidze, Tbilisi

Oitoemponto, Paris

Neo-Pop, Paris

One Room, Denmark

Raw Color in the RAG building

Townhouse in Brussels

11m2 au féminin, Paris

Jordan Carlyle, New York

Andy Cohen

Nicole Hollis

David Jimenez, New York

Durantin, Paris

Fanny and Alexandra, Paris

Etienne, Cape Town

Hugo, Cape Town


Xavier, Paris

Pierre de Gastines, Paris

Creative London terrace

Rita road, London

Scandinavian neutrals, Bergen

Johanna, Sweden

Jessica, Malmö

Inspired by Verner Panton, Copenhagen

Tatjana’s world, The Netherlands

A writer’s home, The Netherlands

From light to dark, The Netherlands

Treasures & Textures, Malmö

Saint Augustin, Bordeaux

Pingilly, South Africa


Mancell, Brussels

Bea Mombaers, Brussels

Ceramist Alex Gabriels, Brussels

Apartment in Paris by Elodie Sire