The Interior Archive

18th century style, France

Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza

Masia Carina Casanovas, Spain

Contemporary Apartment, Palm Beach

Llado Menorca, Spain

Casa Soto Grande, Spain

Glamour white, New York

Woodblock house, London

Grand style, Paris

House in Syros

Marshall Watson, Sweden

Hannah Gurney, London

Penthouse in London – Architect William Smalley

Carolyn Quartermaine in Provence

Colorful world in New York

Lazarus, South Africa

Textile designer Molly Mahon

Rita road, London

Hubert Zandberg, London

Eilean Shona, Scotland

Farm House in Oklahoma

Badminton House

VIRGINIA TOWN HOUSE IN PINK © Annie Schlechter – The Interior Archive

Miska Miller-Lovegrove, London

Town House in Park Slope

Town House in Turtle Bay, NYC by Maison 24

Château de La Bourlie

Country charm in Atlanta by Carolyn Malone

Polly Nicholson, UK

BARN, NEW YORK STATE © Annie Schlechter – The Interior Archive

Peter Beard in Cassis

HORT & POTT, UPSTATE NEW YORK © Annie Schlechter – The Interior Archive

Emma Jane Pilkington, Southampton, USA

Patty Isen, Chicago

Barn in Wisconsin

Susan Shehan, New York

Christmas at Norah Murphy’s

Apartment in Tribeca by Studio DB

Anderson Cooper, Brazil

Caroline Sarcozy & Jacques Lacoste, Paris

JEROME FAILLANT DUMAS, PATMOS © Simon Upton – The Interior Archive

LUKE EDWARD HALL IN THE COTSWALDS © Miguel Flores Vianna – The Interior Archive

JUSTIN VAN BREDA, GLOUCESTERSHIRE © Simon Upton – The Interior Archive

JEAN-LOUIS DENIOT, LA © Simon Upton – The Interior Archive